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Ferrari 599 GTO

The 8. th. of april 2010, Ferrari announced official details of the powerful 599 GTO.

The car is built as a street version 599XX racing car. At the introduction of the 599 GTO, it had the record as the world’s fastest car on the street, ever. It was able to run the Fiorano race on 1 minute 24 seconds. One second faster than Ferrari Enzo Ferrari.

Production was limited to 599 cars. We have configured this car ourselves at the factory in Italy.

Ferrari has only produced these models with the GTO designation:
1962 250 GTO (World’s Most Valuable Car)
1984 288 GTO
2010 599 GTO

This car is put together with some extra options. Carbon door handles, center capsule and lamp housing etc. Special stitching, roller bar, GTO Logo stitched, nozzles lacquered in the car color etc.

Stands quite unique and only one set exactly like this one . Various paper included in the factory trip, where the car was configured. Also included is a Ferrari classic book with photo of the actual production of the car included a silver model car, USB plug with intro, as well as car cover which is delivered with the car from new. Really a collector car that will only be worth a lot more in the future.

Production Number: 599


  • Price

    599.000 euro + vat and tax

  • Year


  • Type


  • Km


  • Colour

    Rosso Corsa

  • Interior

    Sort / Rød - (Black / Red)

  • Fuel


  • Speed

    335 km/t

  • PS


  • Cylinders


  • Capacity


  • Transmission


  • Weel drive


  • Weight


  • Warrenty


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