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PMG Cars Investment

Interested in cars as an investment?

We have been dealing with sports cars, supercars and hyper cars, for more than 10 years.

Our extensive knowledge about cars make a difference. Through our huge network in Denmark and abroad of passionate car enthusiasts, gives us some great advantages in the market of super cars.

If you find the field of car-investment interesting, please contact us. We invest ourselves in selected pools that we offer to other investors.

Preben Grundtvig, Founder & CEO of PMG CARS, with PMG CARS’ new investment: Koenigsegg Jesko from Geneve Motorshow 2019.

Investing with PMG CARS:

As mentioned above then we only offer cars in which we have invested in ourselves. We offer both a dialogue on short-term and long-term investments, of which we are a part.

Short-term investment
  • Our strategy is to find today’s very big winners through the new car programs.
  • It is not a secret, that in today’s market the biggest gains are made in cars coming directly from the factory. However, this requires a massive network and knowledge of the factories.
  • We have one particularly hyper car on its way, as a pool offered, in which we are also part of.
  • Contact us for more information.
Long-term investment
  • Our strategy is to pool special cars, both individually and together, as good investments for the long run.
  • Within long-term investment, we have various strategic collaborations to uncover the market developments.
  • Contact us for more information.
Investment focus at PMG CARS:

We at PMG CARS work exclusively with cars produced in limited series, and by the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Aston Martin, special models, as well as hyper cars such as Koenigsegg. In these segments we experience a good risk / reward balance. Fewer produced cars provide more security in the individual object.

What areas do our car investments address?
  • Super Cars
  • Hyper Cars
  • Classic cars
  • Race Cars

Hitting the right investment car is a bit like hitting the right growth stock, in a market of many. It is a combination of good network nationally and internationally, timing, luck , and a good research.

We know that from 2010 the market exploded and around 2014 prices were at their highest, in subsequent years prices generally fell by around 12-18 percent, and today prices are stabilizing and therefore a good time to trade if one cannot access factory new special cars.

Why choose investment cars over traditional investments?

It is no secret that the stock market in recent years has been extremely volatile. This creates unrest and not least investor uncertainty. In such times, investors typically seek other forms of investment or exit the market entirely. Perhaps resulting in losses. Regardless of the individual investor’s situation, the uncertainty and feelings are difficult to handle.

Cars in general have proven to be more stable, and not as volatile as the stock market. And special cars in limited series have proven to have huge value increases as soon as they hit the market.

No matter what the future looks like, you will always have a car here that will never disappear out of your hands. Therefore, it also has a value in itself that cannot be assessed, and at some point it will be sold at a profit, and with the future intake of electric cars we can ask ourselves the question: – “it should be strange if that development does not impact the value increase positively in future. . When and if new or used cars with fuel engines will not be able to buy, what then?

Contact us if you find investment in cars interesting, as an alternative asset class in your particular portfolio.

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