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PMG CARS Motorsport

We are a part of Dream Concept

We are supporting the young racing driver, Mikkel Grundtvig, and are a part of the Danish company, Dream Concept.

Motorsport in general is a huge passion for the founders of PMG CARS.

PMG CARS and Mikkel Grundtvig

We are a professionel partner and supporter of the young racing driver, Mikkel Grundtvig.

At present he is competing in the championship of the Danish Formula 4 series and at the same time participating in the French F4 series. A great talent, that we support and believe that he can go all the way to Formula 1.

Mikkel Grundtvig has recently signed a contract with a professional company that enters into international motorsport. They have a goal of having 1-3 young talents in Formula 1 in 2024. Mikkel is committed to be a part of these young talents.

If you are interested in supporting Mikkel Grundtvig, please contact us. Mikkel’s website.

Dream Concept

PMG CARS and Dream Concept

Since 2012, Dream Concept has existed as a hydride company in the Motorsport industry. From the start as a racing team in the Danish motor racing series to now being a professional event company that has a great partnership and agreement with Audi Denmark and Audi AG around racing events held throughout the country.

DreamConcepts website.

PMG Cars are

A proud partner of