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Porsche 911 Carrera RS N/GT (964)

The Mythical 964 Carrera RS!

A 964 Carrera RS needs no introduction among 911 enthusiasts. As for all the Rennsport 911s that preceded it, the 964 RS was the closest you could get to a race-ready 911 on public road.

The RS was introduced in 1992 and featured a revised 3.6L flat six M64 / 03 engine with a light flywheel, delivering an increased output of 260 hp.

The stiffness was greatly improved thanks to the seam welded bodyshell and the use of stiffer springs and bumps for the car’s suspension. The weight was cut by mounting windows made of thinner glass. A light alloy for the bonnet and mounting of the beautiful but fragile Magnesium Cup wheels made the RS about 120 kg lighter than the European Carrera 2 model.

Customers were then given the choice of three variants, depending on how much comfort they wanted. The N / GT was the most stripped, race-ready variant of the Carrera RS. The lightweight had several creative amenities, mainly blankets and no scroll bar, against its more extreme siblings. The Touring variant was the most comfortable variant, which came with extra optional equipment such as comfort chairs and a sunroof.

Production of the 964 Carrera RS lasted only for three years from 1992 to 1994. Therefore, these cars are very rare and a sought after commodity.

There is a Porsche certificate proving that this car is original – the car is also fully serviced and the service book included. This is a safe investment

Production Quantity: 1992


  • Price

    224.000 euro - no vat + tax

  • Year


  • Type


  • Km


  • Colour

    Polar Silver metallic

  • Interior


  • Fuel


  • Speed

    263 km/h

  • PS


  • Cylinders


  • Capacity


  • Transmission


  • Weel drive


  • Weight


  • Warrenty


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