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Porsche 911 GT3 CUP (991.1)

In our complete Porsche 911 GT3 (991) series stands this GT3 Cup, as the crown of the work. All GT3 street car DNA comes from the Cup version.

The technology, the experience and the design of the cars come directly from the world’s racing lanes, where the Porsche GT3 Cup is today one of the most winning cars in history. The car we know today with the water-cooled boxer engine started the era at the 1998 marketing year with the Porsche 996 taking the world by storm.

A star was born and the series of victories has continued for more than 20 years, from 996 and 997 to today with the latest 991 model that we have here in the collection.

What is special about this racing car, unlike other car makes, is that the GT3 Cup is built on the same production line as the street versions of 911. After the production is completed, the car’s additional racing tuning is carried out by the Weissach motorsport center, where the car is also finished by professional racing drivers.

Since 1998, 3031 pieces have been produced. of the 911 Gup racing cars distributed on the 996, 997 and 991. Although it does not sound like many, it is still the most produced racing car in the world. Which is simply a mark of quality on the car’s durability and ability to win victories worldwide.

On December 8, 2012, the new 991.1 GT3 Cup was presented at the Porsche Development Center Weissach, as part of the Night of Champions.

A winner :
The special thing about having racing cars in the collection is that you have to have special contact with the Porsche Racing cars department, in order to have to buy the cars at all. In addition, racing cars should preferably have been in “war” and shown their worth on various lanes. For a real investment racing car, the right history and titles are crucial to the value of the car. It is therefore extremely important to point out that this car has a very special winning story.

The car has won all races of the Carrera GT3 cup in 2015 and there are no other cars that have done before.
it was the Swedish racing driver Johan Kristoffersson who drove the car all season, and since it has never participated in motor racing again. It has only run 2 tests and a total of 22 hours ago.

It’s a pure winning car with a history like no other Porsche cup cars have.

We have, of course, the prints of all the results from the races that have been run and that is included in the wagon book.

Production figures of 991.1 GT3 Cup: 636 pcs.

NB !! Many racing cars go to, and you do not know the final number left.



  • Price

    149.000 euro ex moms

  • Year


  • Type


  • Km


  • Colour


  • Interior


  • Fuel


  • Speed

    281 km/t / 315 km/t

  • PS


  • Cylinders


  • Capacity


  • Transmission

    Porsche six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox

  • Weel drive


  • Weight


  • Warrenty


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